"It may sound gruelling but the latest trend for therapy while you run could be the key to kicking the blues"

The Times - London


Sitting, Walking, or Running at a Pace Decided by You

Whether walking, running or sitting, DRT is ideal for such conditions as depression, anxiety, addictions, stress, and trauma. Fresh air and exercise can make an important difference to your experience of therapy. The beauty, space, and smells found in parks allow for a greater perspective resulting in a deep and holistic sense of wellness. Sitting, walking, or running at a pace decided by you.

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Finding a Full Breath

At the heart of anxiety lie the facts of life: possibility/impossibility, choice, absurdity, transition, competition, aging and loss (among others). We can’t change that fact but we can become more comfortable with it. Working together we can normalise your responses to historically fearful situations, helping you regain your sense of ease in the world.

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Depression & Sadness

A Step in the Right Diirection

Are you experiencing feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, or emptiness? Has the pain been impacting multiple parts of your life, including the people you love? Has it been going on a long time? By making a space for it and letting it pass, therapy can address the underlying causes of your emotional pain, returning you to a full life that includes hope, joy, love, clarity, vitality, and spontaneity.

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