Addiction is one of the most costly sources of misery in the daily life of many families. Simply put, addiction is a compulsive behaviour repeated over and over again that has negative and potentially devastating consequences. No problem generates more stubborn conflict and confusion in families, friendships and business relationships than the inability to say “no” to an addictive substance or process. Well researched treatment is readily available and can bring reliable results. Transforming from a life of self-destruction to one of self-care takes patience and dedication but is possible – beginning today. Don’t wait to turn that corner, life is too valuable to waste another day.

Whether it be substance abuse, shopping, gambling, or internet pornography, addiction can be about trying to fill a hole or escaping from an unpleasant truth. Or sometimes it is just a form of compulsive behaviour. Together we will gain a greater understanding of your particular process. And together we can look back to the very beginning and build a map of its development and how it affects you today in terms of money, career, relationships, and health.

My approach is shame-free and based on understanding what is at the heart of the addiction. If you are a man it may be easier to discuss pornography addiction with a male therapist. Whatever your addiction, if you have been holding onto it as a secret you may find it a great relief to unburden yourself and talk to someone. This can provide a powerful sense of momentum to your recovery. If you are ready to make a change in your life and have had enough of being controlled by your addiction, get in touch and take that first step today. Don’t waste another minute. Life is too precious.